Our Technicians

By offering a dealership advocacy program through the route of windshield repair, we are able to accomplish much more than an additional service. By having a leadership trained professional working side by side with your staff, we are able to edify and uplift the uniqueness and positive features of your shop, in addition to offering the additional service of windshield repair. To have a 3rd party company highlight the best areas of the dealership to the customer whom is currently choosing to do business with you, adds tremendous value to the overall customer experience. This can help to make them feel warm and fuzzy for choosing your dealership as their choice shop for
maintenance and repair, and can also provide encouragement for repeat business.

Perry Hyder

Servicing: Heidebreicht Chevrolet

Phone:  (810) 691-7542

Email: perry.liquidglass@gmail.com

Tyler King

Servicing: Sawyers Chevrolet

Phone:  (517) 974-5452

Email: tyler.liquidglass@gmail.com

If you’re looking for any other service needs, the talented and professional staff here at Sawyers Chevrolet will provide you with proper fast and friendly service. Just give them a call to schedule an appointment and ask for Service Manager: Casey Adams (866-674-7205).  Or you can visit them online at www.sawyerschevy.com

Brooke Thompson

Servicing: Germain Lexus of Dublin

Phone: (740) 222-1493

Email: brooke.liquidglass@gmail.com

windshield repair
Jeremiah Wiltfong

Servicing:  Randy Wise Buick GMC – Fenton

Phone: (810) 835-5024

Email: jeremiah.liquidglass@gmail.com

Katarina Ruvoldt

Servicing: Germain Ford of Columbus

Phone: (614) 769-2061

Email: katarina.liquidglass@gmail.com

Coty Hatton

Servicing: Grand Blanc Motorcars

Phone:  (810) 625-8746

Email: coty.liquidglass@gmail.com

Daniel “Pokey” Hicks

Servicing:  Zeigler Chrysler-Dodge-Ram – Grandville

Phone: (517) 528-6451

Email: daniel.liquidglass@gmail.com

Steven Tubbs

Servicing: Golling Buick GMC

Phone:  (810) 660-9248

Email: steven.liquidglass@gmail.com

Wes Blankenship

Servicing: Golling Buick GMC

Phone: (810) 730-4567

Email: wes.liquidglass@gmail.com

Kevin Schaibley

Servicing: Brighton Chrysler

Phone: (517) 204-6735

Email: kschaibley@liquidglasswindshield.com

Brooke Thompson

Servicing:  Germain Cadillac of Easton

Phone:  (740) 222-1493

Email: brooke.liquidglass@gmail.com

windshield repair
Brooke Thompson

Servicing:  Germain Mercedes of Easton

Phone: (740) 222-1493

Email: brooke.liquidglass@gmail.com

windshield repair