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Committed to excellence for a lifetime.

When Kevin stepped into the auto glass industry in 2013, he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!  Naive to any flaws and issues in the industry, he started assembling a team of highly qualified people with sales, leadership, and customer service qualities and set out to become the best glass company for the automotive industry. Through his endeavors he uncovered the abuse and dishonesty within the industry and has committed to cleaning it up, one customer at a time. He found that the combination of high-quality, world class workmanship, character, integrity, and personal and professional development is the key to staying ahead of the competition. World class customer care will always be the desired result and focus.

“There is never a wrong time to do the right thing!”

A desire to grow personally coupled with incredible training and information which equips our windshield repair technician to have exceptional people skills makes the “Completely Satisfied” customer a predictable outcome.

Liquid Glass offers windshield repair and replacement glass services. We have highly-qualified, leadership-trained professionals who have been hand-selected.

This unique feature allows Liquid Glass technicians to not only adapt easily to your location’s business practices and culture, but also to be one of your greatest secret weapons—by adding value to your staff and bringing a positive disposition, professionalism, and leadership skills.


It will always be easier and more effective for a credible 3rd party to edify another party.


When we service a customer who is very satisfied with their whole experience, we will ask them for reviews!


Our windshield replacements have a LIFETIME Warranty on seals (Wind Noise, Water leaks, etc)


We can arrange to have our mobile glass technicians meet you at home, work, or wherever to do a windshield replacement.


We purchase only top quality materials for our windshield specialists to use. We know that sometimes top quality costs more money, but are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction so we demand the best.

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Our workmanship is the best in the industry with state of the art equipment and very high quality resins.

We can repair almost any chip in any windshield. Many times the level of a good repair depends on the quality of resins being used. Some Resins turn yellow over time, others do not.

Lifetime Warranty

Our windshield replacements have a LIFETIME Warranty on our seals (Wind Noise, Water leaks, etc) and a UNIQUE TO US Exclusively a 12 month Guarantee against breakage!

In the event we perform a repair on your windshield, and you happen to fall into that 0.01% that has a failed repair, you will be pleased to know that we have a LIFETIME Warranty!

99.99% success rate

The avg cost, nationally, is often over $100 for a windshield repair. This is why we only charge between $65 -$85 (ask for details) and include a LIFETIME Warranty!

We take pride in seamlessly blending into your dealership and offering our services as a complimentary service of your clients insurance.

No Pressure Service
Industry Best

Our workmanship is the best in the industry with state of the art equipment and very high quality resins

“There is never a wrong time to do the right thing!”
Kevin Schaibley
Founder & Owner

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